Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

There is talk about making coal “clean” by sequestering, into the ground, the carbon dioxide produced by coal-burning electric power plants. This reminds me of the Yucca mountain debate about sequestering spent nuclear fuel. The Yucca mountain project, which environmentalists consider one of the most dangerous Government programs ever, would store about 3 Ktons of dangerous radioactive material a year, 2 Ktons of waste from plants operating today, plus about 50 Ktons of waste generated since the inception of nuclear power. For coal we would need to store more than 2,000,000 Ktons of waste per year. If we could find a site to store that much carbon dioxide, then we could certainly store all the nuclear waste we could ever produce.

One other interesting fact about nuclear waste. It turns out a coal burning plant puts out about 100 times more radiation than an equivalent nuclear plant. Here is a reference for those who don’t believe me: CoalNuclearComparison

You ever hear any of this on the news?

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