Why is Obama Speaking in Berlin?

Today Obama is going to hold a big political rally in Germany, with perhaps a bigger and more enthusiastic crowd than Adolf Hilter had there, but probably not as large as the crowd that witnessed JFK’s famous speech in 1963. I can understand why Kennedy gave a speech in Berlin in 1963, showing solidarity with the beleaguered population of West Berlin who suffered from the Soviet-built wall around their city. I can also understand why Ronald Reagan gave a speech there in 1987 imploring the President of the Soviet Union to tear down that wall, ending a 40 year cold war between the West and the East.

But why would Obama give a speech there now?

Are there any foreign policy issues in Germany? Any message best given there? Why not pick some place like Poland or the Czech Republic, which would acknowledge the new reality of Europe as being a mix of the West and the East. Or how about Turkey, who aspires to become part of Europe. Surely there are better places than under the Winged Victory statue in Berlin, a statue that celebrates Prussian domination over Austria, France and Denmark.

In fact, why give a speech in Germany at all since he isn’t the President yet and, I’m pretty sure, there aren’t many U.S. eligible voters in Germany, except maybe some college students traveling in the summer. I don’t know what Obama is going to say, but I doubt he is going to give directions to the nearest youth hostel.


Obama has given his sermon to the world today and it fell a bit flat. Now I know why he chose the site he chose: he wanted to pound the “wall” metaphor for all it was worth. My guess is that using this “wall” metaphor was the reason he chose Berlin, not the other way around.

His crowd of 200,000 wanted to hear that the U.S. was going to declare itself a war criminal, retreat from all foreign lands, dismantle its military and ultimately surrender itself to European domination. I think they got about 1/2 of that, but Obama still wants to “win” in Afghanistan. Since this latest Iraq war began 5 years ago, the political “left” in the country has been unable and unwilling to define “winning”. I think the thought of winning a war goes against the philosophy of most liberals. Perhaps they can ask Obama to define it for us.

One Response to “Why is Obama Speaking in Berlin?”

  1. kezobr Says:

    Have we ever had a political speech in the US from a foreign candidate? Probably not….but it says something about O. He considers himself a “World Leader” already…we learn new things every day.

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