Newsflash: Obama Can Shoot 3 Pointers

Sen. Obama recently took a tour of Afghanistan and Iraq as a Senator on a fact finding mission. Right before he left he told us all the facts of what is going on in those two places, so I guess he was really going on a fact giving mission. It seems like he gave some of his facts to Gen. Patreus, who gave them back.

I heard a lot about how “presidential” Obama looked on his trip, but I guess that depends on what you call presidential. To me he looked like a male model. He was athletic, slim, well dressed, posed well, looked good in glasses, smiled a lot, had that arrogant model look, and could even shoot hoops. He’s obviously in better shape since last year’s McConaughey moment in Hawaii. But is that what “presidential” means?

Obama visited many foreign leaders after his senatorial trip. The feeling I got from listening to most of those leaders was something like this: “Man, you are a superstar. Do you know Angelina Jolie?”

I have noticed one thing “presidential” about Obama lately, his hair seems to be graying.

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