National Enquirer Only Journalists Left

The National Enquirer has shown that mainstream journalism is indeed dead. When your local tabloid has a better editorial policy (i.e. not politically biased), a better staff of reporters, and is actual capable of publishing a story based on its own research, all things that the mainstream media CANNOT do, then tabloids have become news, and news has become tabloid. Watching the Edwards mistress story unfold shows that the news networks are STILL incapable of doing their own research, they are just re-reporting the Enquirer’s story.

My two favorite tidbits from the story so far: Edwards claim that he did not love her, he just fucked her; and the claim that his “supporter” that has shelled out two houses and $15K a month is doing it “because he really cares for people who are down on their luck.” Edwards and his cronies sound like a real nice bunch of guys.

It is obvious that Edwards has been deeply involved with his mistress for at least two years, maybe three. He is still sleeping with her (not that I care) and has been all through his campaign. The kid is obviously his. All of this is interesting but only shows that Edwards is a liar and a philanderer, nothing new for politicians.

What is new here is the unreported headline: “Presidential Candidate Edwards’s Mistress a Kook.” According to the REAL journalists on the story (the Enquirer), Edwards spends hours and hours with this woman even lately. Why? Maybe he is just spending it with his kid. Maybe he can last that long in bed. Or maybe he likes hanging around with kooks. That would be my guess. I hope Edwards wrote down every second of their conversations, because I would actually read that book (note: I don’t read). I now understand his campaign about two Americas: the normal rational America and the kooky America. I think we know which America Edwards lives in.

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