Panic in Camp Obama

John McCain showed his “commander in chief” credentials today by selecting Sarah Palin for his vice presidential running mate. Minutes after the selection was announced its strategic value became evident. Team Obama quickly attacked Palin on her inexperience and her blue-collar roots. Hours later Obama himself had to shut them up seeing that attacks on her immediately deflected and amplified against him, all without a single shot being fired by any McCain partisan.

I predicted that McCain was going to pick a good-looking woman (I thought it would be Carly Fiorina) as his running mate because he likes good looking woman. You can see it in his eyes. Bill Clinton is probably kicking himself in butt right now thinking, “The Democratic party has a lot of good looking women in it, and I pick Al Gore? I had to go out trolling for interns and he’s going to be flying in his personal jet all over the place with this VPILF. McCain is a real genius.”

Meanwhile, in Camp Obama, it seems that they do not yet have a response to the McCain pick. I can imagine the Obama planning session for VP attacks: “Let’s put the A team on Romney and Pawlenty, the B team on Jindal, Ridge, Lieberman and that chick from EBay. We should have some coverage on them other presidential candidates too. Hey, Herbert, you cover the female Republican governors, if there are any.” Herbert was the janitor.

Yesterday, during his speech in Denver, Obama pivoted and moved in the direction of all previous Democratic candidates. He promised everything to everyone but didn’t say how or how much it would take. Today McCain outflanked Obama without firing a shot. The war in Iraq is going McCain’s way. We’ll have to wait and see if this war does the same.

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