A Plate of Palin

If Gov. Palin were a plate at a restaurant, few of us would have even the slightest idea of what we would get if we ordered one. Apparently the people of Alaska like the dish, but the rest of us are ignorant. When faced with ignorance of this proportion, we rely on the MEDIA to inform us. Unfortunately, the National Enquirer has not stepped up yet, so we are left with only the second and third rate journalism of NBC, CBS and ABC.

How is the media dealing with this ignorance? We have the good: Maria Bartiromo (CNBC) interviewed Gov. Palin the day of the VP announcement. I saw the interview and can tell you that Gov. Palin is the only politician in this race that can respond to a question with a clear and understandable answer. We have the bad: the rest of the media that are guessing about her policies and her competence based on one or two pieces of information that they got off her Wikipedia page (I doubt they read the whole thing). And we have the ugly: some “liberal” blogs that claim, based on no information, that her daughter is a double-slut.

The problem that the press has with Palin is that she is going to make them work for a living. The press doesn’t work, it just reprints things that people send it, skipping the insightful or detailed information and going straight for the most biased, inflammatory and salacious. A few people in the press may use the internet to get basic information, but most rely on their friends and partisan blogs to get their “facts.” They enjoy talking about her lack of experience. Duh. If McCain were to die in office, then perhaps Gov. Palin could call Obama and ask his advise.

In the first few hours of the Republican convention I heard CNN’s Wolf Blitzer talking about Gov. Palin. Talking about her isn’t really correct, he just asked everyone he could find two questions: “What do you think about Palin’s daughter being pregnant. What does that tell you about the Gov?” and “What do you think about the ‘scandal’ where she fired her sister’s husband during a custody battle? Is that going to hurt her?” Wolf reduced Gov. Palin down to the “liberal” view of women: as sluts and vengeful bitches. Now that the Republicans have a female candidate, we can see what “liberals” really think of women. I can’t wait for those nude pictures to show up on the Daily Kos.

There are a few liberals speaking out on this neo-misogyny. I heard a short interview on Fox News with Geraldine Ferraro who said that Gov. Palin was the first person of national stature, including Ferraro’s favorite candidate Hillary Clinton, that actually thanked Ferraro for leading the cause of females on the Presidential ticket. Ferraro didn’t outright endorse Palin, but perhaps she will get the guts to do so soon. After being called a racist by the Obama campaign, and now working for Fox News, Ferraro’s future in the Democratic party is over. I think she is holding out hope over hope that the Democratic party will once again become the party that accepts women as leaders.

Gov Palin will have to deal with lots of shit over the next couple of months, but based on the one interview I saw of her, it looks to me like she can take it and dish out a bit of her own. If asked about her family’s reproductive proclivity, I would offer this answer from Jurassic Park: “Life happens.”

Update: I was just watching MSNBC where someone was interviewing Newsweek Senior Editor and Obama cheerleader Jonathan Alter. He was asked if he thought that McCain had thoroughly vetted Gov. Palin, and, of course, he said that McCain hadn’t. Then he offered an example of what goes for journalism today. Mr. Alter said that McCain had not sent someone up to Alaska to vet her. His proof? He said that he assumed this since nobody in the McCain camp said that they had sent someone up there. This is journalism today.

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