Press To McCain: Don’t Make Us Work!

When McCain picked Gov. Palin to be his running mate he made one mistake: he thought he was running against Sen. Obama, but in fact he is running against the press too. Gov. Palin is a complete unknown to those of us not living in Alaska, and she a complete unknown to the press. You would think that the press would welcome the opportunity to do their job and teach us about Gov. Palin. Instead they are making stuff up and challenging the whole process that chose Palin, claiming that she was not thoroughly vetted.

I have already seen CNN’s Wolf Blitzer show his ignorance by implying over and over that the Governor is a slut and a vengeful bitch. I have also seen Newsweek “Senior Editor” Jonathan Alter make up a story that nobody in the McCain camp went to Alaska to check out Palin. Last night I heard a Time magazine writer wonder out loud if McCain knew that Palin’s daughter was, God forbid, p-r-e-g-n-a-n-t, or that her husband had a DUI 20 years ago. If having a drunk relative or a teenage pregnancy in the family were a disqualifier, then the only qualified person running for office this year would be Ralph Nader.

Why is the press doing this sort of stuff? It might be because the press wasn’t involved in the decision making process. In fact, the press had no clue whatsoever. It might be because they are all in the tank for Obama and this looks like a good way to just generally attack McCain without showing policy bias. But I think the real reason is simpler: McCain is making the press do their job, and they don’t like it.

The press are a lazy bunch of parrots and trained dogs. Journalists feel that their job is not to inform the public but to inflame it. They grab onto one little thing and, like a rabid pitbulls, they flail it about until either it gets everyone’s attention or they drop dead, not caring if they hurt any innocent bystanders along the way. We see this with these long drama’s like Caylee something in Florida, or Anna Nicole, or O.J. The press has become a tabloid, and we know that sex and drugs are the main fodder of the tabloids.

McCain should have known that the press was going to fight, tooth and nail, against Gov. Palin and he should have prepared some material for them to consume. In the gap between now and Gov. Palin’s first national speech, the press will continue to fill their ignorance with their prejudice. We see the “liberal” press view Palin as a cheap political ploy, a female politician from po-dunk-ville. Paint her hair blue and you have Marge Simpson. They know everything about her even though they know nothing. She has never been on any of their chat shows, so she isn’t credible.

There is a lot of pressure on Palin to show that she can play with the big boys. Based on her record of kicking entrenched big boy’s butts out of office, I’m sure she can. But can she kiss the ass of the press? I’m not sure about that.

One Response to “Press To McCain: Don’t Make Us Work!”

  1. BA Says:

    The press has been behaving that way for centuries.

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