Could Obama Be a Vulcan?

At the beginning of this week many people were asking if McCain had made the right decision by picking Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Today, people are asking if Obama made the real mistake. Obama selected a old fart, Joe Biden, who is actually politically older than McCain himself. Biden is like your bloviating old uncle, the one that makes you race to leave the room when he starts to talk. Obama’s decision was based on logic. Put long green ears on Obama and you get Mr. Spock. Mr Spock could see all sides of an issue, but was powerless to decide which was best. I think Obama approached his selection process very… logically. He created a list of the possibilities, he wrote the pros and cons of each, he assigned them weights, he sorted them, he did some role-play, he did some polling, he ask consultants, he had lots of meetings, he eliminated some candidates, he reassigned weights, repolled, hired some focus groups and finally one candidate came out on top. He picked that one. Too bad is was Joe Biden.

McCain’s approach was decidedly different I’m sure. McCain is Captain Kirk. McCain looked at all the possibilities and said, probably a millisecond later, “I like her!” He might have started by wanting his real “old friend”, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, but my guess is that he knew, deep down, such a partnership would not work. Did John Tiberius McCain use logic? I doubt it. He saw her and he liked her. I think he saw a little of himself in her, and he saw something that he could never be in her.

Star Trek taught my generation about leadership, the value of intellect, the value of competence and the value of humanity. One episode that taught us about leadership was “The Galileo Seven”, wherein Spock became the leader *by rank) of a small group of crew-mates stranded on a planet with killer giants. Spock made his decisions logically, but when it came to the critical decision to save his crew, his decision transcended logic. Command decisions require knowledge, but they are often illogical. As Spock said in his closing line: “Sometimes acting illogically is the logical thing to do.”

If Obama were Kirk he would have picked Hillary Clinton as his running mate. Rejecting Hillary was Obama’s way of telling us that he won and she lost. I think we know that. But rejecting Clinton also tells us that Obama is scared of being upstaged by Bill and Hillary. I don’t think Captain Kirk was ever afraid of being upstaged!

John McCain’s pick was decidedly illogical. Had he used logic, McCain would have picked Gov. Powlenty. Before she gave her speech last night, you could hear all of the logical arguments against Sarah Palin on the various chat shows, as well as on the regular news shows. McCain showed that leadership is not a matter of applying logic to the facts at hand. Had McCain acted logically he would never have had to worry about being upstaged. Instead, he revels in it.

4 Responses to “Could Obama Be a Vulcan?”

  1. countrygirl Says:

    Hi! I live in Italy and I’m a big McCain fan (not everyone here fell for the One)….I’m a big trekker and at the beginning of the primaries on my blog I’ve posted a post where i associated each candidate with a Star Trek character and guess I the first one it popped in mind was McCain-Kirk 🙂

    As Kirk he’s a man of honor, and sometimes his ideas doesn’t correspond with his party/starfleet


  2. countrygirl Says:

    Ops i forgot…the link to my post is

    it’s written in Italian but you don’t need to know it for seeing the pairing

  3. edgeoforever Says:

    Another trekker here (as my handle proves it)
    Not sure I can go with Obama as Spock. The Squire of Gothos comes to mind as more appropriate though…Or more likely, Charlie X, only without the powers, just the delusion of them.
    Obama’s decision wasn’t at all logical. Logic dictated that he pick Hillary – with her base of 18 million voters. I am glad he didn’t, as I want him to lose.

  4. blkice Says:

    And like McCain in his youth, Kirk was a notorious horndog. He was looking for a good Yeoman Janice. See wikipedia – her hairstyle is kind of similar too!

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