Team Obama Retools

Last week John McCain countered Obama’s pivot to standard Democratic party policies and politics with a flanking move by picking Sarah Palin as his running mate. She quickly outflanking a stunned team Obama. Then McCain advanced against Obama with a full frontal assault, trying to take Obama’s “change” standard bearer and make it his own. By the looks of today’s polls, that assault is resulting in a McCain surge taking the lead from Obama. Team Obama must retool, but how? The answer at this point seems to be the Clintons.

Obama screwed up by putting Biden on the ticket, and maybe he will take the bold move of replacing Biden with Hillary. Given his record of never admitting a mistake (for example, he still denies that the “surge” in Iraq is working), I doubt Obama could make that move, but it would be the smart thing to do. Instead Obama will again try once again to appease the Clintons into helping him. What would the Clintons want in return?

At this point I think Bill wants blood. My guess is that soon a senior Obama campaign manager will be handed his head as the man who called Billy a racist. Then we will see Obama become the son that the Clintons always wanted. Obama will abandon his sham veil of “change” and replace it with “Just call me Barack Obama Clinton,” the real Clinton third term. I’m not sure how Hillary is going to respond to this attempt to take the Clinton brand. She might put the kybosh on the whole deal.

If Obama can purchase the Clinton brand he will use those big guns to soften McCain’s attacks. What next in the Campaign of 2008? McCain must hold his front lines and surround Obama around his flanks. Once surrounded, team Obama will have no retreat and the bloody final battle will begin.

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