The Real Bush Third Term – Redux

The entire Obama campaign is based on two tenets: McCain is the Bush third term and Obama will bring change. I guess that’s really just one tenet. What change will Obama bring? He will bring a Democratic President back with a Democratic Congress. What will happen after that is anyone’s guess, but I doubt it will be a change, it will just be out of control Democrats instead of out of control Republicans.

But the main tenet of Obama’s campaign is his assertion that McCain will mimic the presidency of George Bush, i.e. McCain is the Bush third term. Let’s compare Bush, Obama and McCain by comparing the men and their histories, not so much their policies. If we could vote for policies then comparing policies would be fair, but we vote for people.

Bush – known for his religious background, Obama – known for his religious background, McCain – known for his military background.

Bush – no experience in foreign affairs (not even personal travel) before presidency, Obama – same, McCain – very experienced in foreign affairs – he has seen the world.

Bush – generally inexperienced before presidency, Obama – very inexperienced before presidency, McCain – very experienced.

Bush – thought experienced V.P. would make up for his own inexperience, Obama – thinks experienced V.P. will make up for his own inexperience, McCain – thinks he has enough experience for both his job and the V.P. job.

Bush – promotes faith based programs (i.e. government gives money to religious organizations), Obama – promotes faith based programs, McCain – does not promote, but probably supports, faith based programs.

Bush – served part-time and stateside during war, Obama – no military service (did he even apply for selective service? don’t know), McCain – served in war.

Bush – most important decision in his life before becoming president? to run for president. Obama – most important decision in his life before becoming president? giving a speech to his supporters (he actually said that). McCain – most important decision in his life before becoming president? Whether to stay in a POW camp indefinitely (turned out to be a few years) or go home – he stayed because it was the right thing to do.

Bush – didn’t know that Rumsfeld had the wrong strategy in Iraq, Obama – didn’t know anything about Iraq other than we should leave immediately at all cost, McCain – took the lead in ousting Rumsfeld and implementing what turned out to be the winning strategy in Iraq.

Bush – hangs around with right-wing loons, Obama – hangs around with left-wing loons, McCain – hangs around good looking women.

Bush – thinks that government can solve people’s problems, Obama – thinks that government must solve people’s problems, McCain – government should get out of the way and let people fix their own problems.

Bush – seems aloof, Obama – seems aloof, McCain – seems like an angry old man.

Bush – speeches much better than spontaneous talk, Obama – same, McCain – speeches suck.

Bush – spend and spend, Obama – spend and spend and spend and spend, McCain – don’t spend.

Bush – inaccessible to the press, Obama – inaccessible to the press, McCain – extra accessible to the press.

Bush – thinks government should conform to his moral beliefs, Obama – thinks government should conform to his moral beliefs, McCain – government should be pragmatic.

Bush – unable to admit mistakes, Obama – unable to admit mistakes, McCain – harder on himself for his mistakes than others are.

Shall I go on?

Obama, like Bush, would enter the presidency a complete unknown. We don’t really know what he might do, what his liberal instincts tell him, or what is good for the whole country. I don’t think he knows either. If he is anything like Bush, he will do in office exactly what he says he will do, well, if he ever says what that is.

The left, and others, have put their hopes and dreams onto Obama, blindly hoping he will reflect their thinking onto the country. The right did the same for Bush. Nobody is putting their hopes and dreams onto McCain, he is there running all by himself, on his character and his record.

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