Iran and Lost

Listening to pundits talk about the turmoil in Iran one would think that the people there support a great reformer to bring Iran back into the world community. Pundits also talked about how the election of Obama would bring the U.S. back in line with world community. Neither is true. Obama’s policies are no different than Bush’s, and I suspect that Mousavi’s are no different than Amanutjob’s. So why all the protesting?

Because it is obvious that Amanutjob didn’t win the election, that he didn’t even count the votes, that he just claims that he won and that is good enough for Iran. The Soviet Union (now Russia), Cuba and now Venezuela have a much better approach to insuring election results, they only allow one candidate. The other possible candidates are put in jail or kicked out of the country or forced to publicly endorse the “real” candidate. One party systems are like single payer health care systems – you get what the the one party wants, whether you like it or not.

Iran’s mistake was in allowing people to believe that they had actually voted on election day. The rioting today is voter feedback – if you ask us to vote, then at least count the votes and before you pick the winner.

There is hope that out of this turmoil someone will stand up and demand not a new vote, but a new system that respects the vote, that elects the people who get the most votes, and that offers the people some choice in who governs them. Boris Yeltzin did that in Russia, standing on a tank pointed at the Kremlin until the Iron Curtain fell. We can all hope that Iran will find their guy, but I doubt it. It is more likely that the people will be beaten into submission and life will return to normal, only this time the ballots will contain only one name.

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