U.S. Health Plan: Stay Healthy

I would like to write a post about the truth of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Democratic health bill but that is really difficult because I don’t want to read the thousand page bill, and apparently nobody else does either. Even Congressman John Conyers, who heads the committee in charge of the bill, points out that he can’t be expected to read the bill because even if he were to read it aided by two lawyers he wouldn’t understand it. We are supposed to be a country of laws, but this is ridiculous. Perhaps we should be a country of laws that the average person can read and understand. I think that was in the Napoleonic code.

So instead of discussing the facts, let me discuss the claims.

First, Obama says that the bill will allow one to keep their own doctor. What does that mean? Right now my insurance, as is almost everybody’s, is decided by my employer, not by me. My employer today might decide to get insurance that has one set of doctors, but tomorrow (actually they can only change annually), they might decide to choose a different plan that only supports other doctors. Is Obama saying that they cannot make this decision? He has said that employer’s are still going to provide insurance so I am confused. I think he means that your employer will continue to decide your health insurance, not the government. Obama is trying to personalize healthcare today without understanding the basic reality, heath insurance is decided by employers, not by individuals.

The second statement from Obama is that private insurance will be more competitive if there is a “public” insurance plan. Who is going to fund this “public” insurance? The public or the government? All insurance companies are “public” today, they trade on public exchanges, they provide insurance to the public, the raise money from the public, their profits are distributed to the public. I think he means a government insurance plan, not a public plan. So who would put up the capital for a government plan? who would get the profits? who would run the plan? who would be on the board of directors? who would manage the company?

When I first heard him promote a public plan equal to private plans my  thought was “will private insurance companies be allowed to raise my taxes?” I know it is a strange question, but I assume that the government plan would have such a right, so if the government can do it and they are equal to the private companies then the private companies must have the right to do it. You probably are thinking that I am crazy, or as someone said to me recently, that I engage in hyperbole. Well it turns out that I was right. Regular  insurance companies will, under the Obama plan, be able to raise my taxes, at least indirectly, by skewing the cost curve. The government, i.e. my taxes, will under the laws of economics have to match the private plans, so basically my taxes will be paying for other people’s premiums which means that my taxes will be controlled by insurance companies while my employer will pay for my insurance.

The result will be a system whereby the only insurance that I will NOT be deciding or paying is my own!!

I think this is the ultimate goal of the Democratic plan: create a system so confusing, so open to abuse, so out of control that in a few years we will all be screaming for someone to step in and fix it. Then, enter single payer health, where it will be illegal to get health insurance, and illegal to pay for ones own health care and ultimately illegal to get any health care unless you can convince that “single payer” that you are worthy to be treated. I think this is called a slippery slope. Let’s hope we don’t slip, that might not be covered.

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