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Whitman Run and Hit

October 2, 2010

Meg Whitman hit a snag a couple days ago, or perhaps I should say a hag hit Meg Whitman. Gloria Allred, the hag in question, took her usual approach to lawyering and called a press conference to throw $#!@ on Whitman in the name of an “undocumented” worker, reporting that said worker had just filed a complaint claiming she was abused and underpaid and entitled to monetary compensation from Whitman. The worker then went on to claim that she had lied to Whitman about her immigration status but still thinks that Whitman wrongfully fired her for not having the right to work in the country. Since being fired was the legal thing to have happen, she instead claims, over a year after she was fired, that Whitman made her work extra hours and didn’t reimburse her for car mileage. So let me get this straight – Allred is putting this worker out there to admit that she has committed numerous federal crimes to get gas money? Nobody can really believe that. Allred should be brought up on charges of incompetent representation, and disbarred because it is clear that she is not acting the interest of her client, but in her own political interest. Is it possible, as Allred has later intimated, that this was the worker’s idea? Who cares, Allred is still not acting in her interest. I can hear it now in court: “Your Honor, I just wanted my $100 in gas money from that billionaire bitch, but instead of asking for it I decided to file a complaint and have a press conference.  Doesn’t everyone have a press conference when they file a complaint for $100?  Still haven’t gotten the $100, but I did get $1M in legal fees defending myself from perjury, forgery, fraud and other federal charges. Of course someone is paying my legal fees for me.  I think his name is Jorge Pardo.”

I think Whitman has missed something here. She should offer to hire a lawyer to represent the worker in legal issued caused by Allred’s stunt, including deporation hearings, federal charges, and of course going after Allred. That would be the legal thing to do.