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Obama and Biden, the Delusionists

November 2, 2008

When asked which of the four candidates running for President/Vice President scares me the most my answer is Joe Biden. After his debate with Gov. Palin, people interviewed on the street thought that Biden was very well informed, that he knew lots of things. What these people don’t know is that pretty much everything that Biden said was untrue. Biden claimed the U.S. and France kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon. When did that happen? Biden complained about the economic policies of Bush that led to excessive deregulation. Bill Clinton signed the deregulation law and Biden himself voted for it. The list of Biden’s not so factual facts during the debate is way too long for this post.

A few weeks earlier Biden remarked on our memories of watching FDR on TV during the crash of 1929. Unfortunately TV was only commercialized after World War II and FDR wasn’t President until 3 years after the crash. I think he was referring to FDR’s “fireside chats” on the radio during the Great Depression. In 1987 he claimed he went to law school on a full academic scholarship and finished in the top of his class. Newsweek reported that he went to school on a half scholarship and finished in the bottom quarter of his class. You would think that Biden would at least know his own life history.

So is Joe Biden just a good liar? I don’t think so. I think Joe Biden is delusional. I watch “House” at home with my kids and sometimes when, for example, they show a woman with spiders crawling all over her body, my daughter turns to me and asks “Is that really happening Daddy?” I reply, “She thinks it is, but it isn’t.” That pretty much sums up Biden. If he becomes President we might be attacked by Martians, at least in Biden’s mind we might. His latest quip about there being an “international incident” shortly after Obama takes office is a Biden delusion. You might say he was just warning us, but I think it goes further than that because Biden went further than that. He said that the incident might be contrived. OK. Then he said that Obama would do what would look like the wrong thing… Interesting, he obvious has some specifics in mind, some visions up there that only he sees. Then he said that he would need the support of the people with whom he was discussing this delusion because the rest of the country or the world might be against them. Wow. I’m not a psychiatrist, but maybe this is the delusion of a paranoid schizophrenic. I wish someone in the audience had asked him to describe exactly what scenarios he was thinking of. Perhaps Obama would round up all the Jews and put them in camps to satisfy a request from a nuclear armed Iran?

At least Obama seems to have his feet firmly on Terra firma, right? Obama’s latest economic theory shows that he might be equally delusional or worse, he has the ability to project his delusions directly into the minds of his supporters. He has convinced at least one of them that our government will be paying her gas bills and her mortgage. I don’t think she is alone. Obama’s retort to his opponent’s charges that he is a socialist is not to deny it, but to compare socialism to sharing ones lunch or toys with another. If sharing is the issue then perhaps he should talk to Biden, that most patriotic and generous of citizens, who contributed a whopping $369/year over the last decade to charity. Perhaps Biden can explain his virtue and selfishness. Socialism is not about sharing, it is about force. A better example would be what if Obama’s teacher had taken half his sandwich, every day, and given it to her pet student. I wonder how long it would have taken a teenage Obama to beat the crap out of that guy.

While Obama claims his “tax” plan is more like the Clinton tax plan, in reality it is an amplification of the Bush tax plan. Say what? As I’ve pointed out before, Obama = Bush. Under Bush, low income earners pay no income taxes, zero. Then how could Obama give them a “tax cut”? He can’t. He just gives them a check. Of course with so many low income earners the checks aren’t going to be so much. Enough to buy a car as Obama now claims? No. Enough to pay their mortgage. I doubt even one month. Enough to pay their gas? Probably not because gas prices are going to go up again. The check might be enough to buy a Chinese built TV or computer. That might float all boats in China, but not here in the U.S.

Obama has sold his delusions to the public but Biden’s remain his little secret. If Joe Biden ends up President there will be three Americas. Those that pay income taxes, those that don’t, and those that live only in his head.

Is Obama a Decent Person?

November 1, 2008

I listen to a very informed radio commentator on weekends. He used to build nuclear bombs. He supports John McCain but always says that Obama is a decent person, he just prefers McCain’s energy policy to Obama’s. That got me thinking- what proof do we have that Obama is a decent person? I am asking this as a poll, if you can think of reasons, I’d like to know.

Here are some things that might indicate that he is a decent person: he smiles a lot, he laughs, he doesn’t have any felony convictions, his kids haven’t written any “my parents are horrible” books (of course they just learned to read a few years ago). He left his campaign to visit his ailing grandmother (of course he called McCain erratic when he suspending his campaign to deal with our sick economy).

There are a few reasons to think that he might not be a decent guy.

He is not a modest man, he is actually quite arrogant. As an example, he broadcast his V.P. announcement at 3:00am just to mock his already beaten opponent, Hillary Clinton. Today he is running ads in Arizona, again trying in his own way to humiliate John McCain. Nice guy.

He doesn’t like any sort of dissent. Just today he kicked three reporters off his airplane because their employers endorsed his opponent. He is constantly remarking that his poll numbers would be better if not for Fox News or Sean Hannity (who works for Fox News). Pew research found that the media is pro-Obama, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for him.

He smokes, but his vanity doesn’t let us see that.

But the biggest indicator that he might not be such a decent person is that he hangs around with a group of people that have spent their lives fighting to bring violent change to the U.S. and Israel. OK, if he is a professor or on a board of directors then he might have to go to meetings now and then with some unsavory peers. But that doesn’t mean that he has to go to dinner at their place, or that he has to praise their efforts in public. What would a decent person do if he went to a dinner and someone stood up and saluted “Heil Hilter” and meant it. Instead of outrage Obama just asks to pass the sweet and sour shrimp. And what is this excuse that Obama was 8 years old when Ayers bombed the Pentagon. The question I would ask Obama is what would he think if his daughter was playing on the White House lawn when a modern day “Weatherman”, disgruntled with a President Obama’s policies, threw a Molotov cocktail over the fence. Do you think his other daughter would forgive the man later in life because, after all, she was just 8 years old at the time? Maybe we should all excuse the Nazi’s for killing six million Jews because, hey, none of us were even born yet.

Obama has not shown that he has any moral compass, only a political compass. The news media has been unable to find anyone who really knows this guy, or at least nobody willing to talk about it. That is strange to me. McCain has lots of people that know him, have worked with him, have been in his personal life, and all of them seem to like him. So, after two years of running for office the question remains, is Obama a decent person?